Private FREEROAM Sessions

Hey i might sound dumb but does anyone know if you can start a private free roam session with just friends and not on horizon life? Also can you still race with just friends because i cant find that as a feature anymore?? Thanks for the help!

Is it possible to play FH4 with your friends without them forcing a bunch of random players on you? It wouldn’t be such an issue if those same people weren’t forcibly invited to the coop races i want to play with just my friends.

Is it really not possible to play just with your friends, against drivatars, like you could in FH3? I can’t seem to find a way to do it.

As far as I can tell your friends have to be in your squad. Then you can set up a co-op race and only send invites to your squad (it will ask you if you want to invite the session or only your squad members). This way we raced in a team of four against Drivatars.
I don’t think there is a way to do it when your friends aren’t in your team. But here I’m not sure.

Thinking about getting this game for me and my wife. Have never played any of the Horizon series.

I asked a similar question about multiplayer, basically is it possible to play just with 2 people in a private group? Want to be able to do races against AI but also just do free roam driving together. Is that possible?

Can I not just invite me friend to my game and have it be JUST ME AND THEM?? I don’t need or want 20+ ppl in a lobby at once all the time. i just wanna chill with my friends only sometimes…! If I can’t and it has to be with other players THAT BLOWSS

Can I not just invite my friends and have it be ONLY me and them without having to setup a team?? I just wanna cruise around with my friends in a private lobby like in forza 3…


I would like to know the answer to this aswell…

Same here, I can’t find a way to create a private freeroam lobby.

i was bouncing around for ages trying to work this out. looking at the considerable thread on the “online play” it would SEEM you cant. hopefully they will give us the option. it feels like a must have feature in this game.

Just pop into horizon life and invite your friend to a convoy, no one else outide your convoy can bother you and collisions will be active with friends just like old times, when you start co op events there should be an option for just your convoy too.

Thanks very much for answering this. It should honestly be so much clearer and simpler than the way it is. Especially for a game so focused on driving with friends and community etc.