PR Superstar

Ive completed all the PR activities with gold* on each one but the achievement is saying I’m on 96% How do I get the other 4% if they are all done???

Did you try a reset? SatNite as already got 1000g so there appear to be no glitched achievements , at least not widespread issues if there are any.

Nice job by the way. I’m only a couple away from this.
The long drift zone on winding hill in the west and that water jump (danger sign)

Any specific hints you could give toward those would be awesome. :slight_smile:

A fully upgraded Nomad can get that 3 star water jump done even if you stay in the river for the whole approach. If come in at an angle like Notorious suggested, you can get even more distance. I think this stunt was the most dependent on choice of car if you approach from the water. Cars are too slow and the Baldwin truck was too heavy, if I remember right.

the drift zones I found hard but managed to do these in the GTR’12 HE as for the water jump I achieved this by coming off the yellow field in a nomad hitting it at a slight angle . just use the rewind and line yourself up and you will soon get them.

Do you know if you have discovered them all?

OP, if you go into online freeroam, pull up the map and filter everything out except speed traps, zones, signs, and drifts, it’ll show you all of them, even ones you haven’t discovered yet (if you’re missing any).

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Good point. - I kind assume with tier 10, that that was the case and just a temp server issue

Thank you SSRDEMO that worked I didn’t think of trying that thx again.

I’m also not getting this one to pop. I cleared every pr stunt and went online free roam and cant find any I’ve missed. Mine is stuck at 44% and hasn’t moved each time I clear a pr stunt.

Anna even said there were no more events left to earn anymore fans :frowning:

44% seems odd and very low.

I thought the no more fans message was more about the you got to 25mil and finished last showcase. Not that you completed 3stars on all the events in sure there are plenty of people that have completed last showcase and earn no more fans that have not done all the PR stunts let alone 3stars on all

Maybe provide proof in email/ with pictures of map not sure how to help

I got this a while ago. That jump is my lowest sp though. I had enough of it trying to get to 3 stars. And thankfully tackled the mountain drift zone before they nerfed it with the October update. think I finallly did it in torano but not sure I’ll have to look at leaderboard. I know I went through and raised a bunch of my initial drifts in it.

Oh snap, my bad. I saw the recent timestamps but didn’t realize it was a resurrected convo. Doh. It didn’t smell right that you hadn’t got to knocking that out, so I should’ve had more than one clue.

Being stuck at 44% doesn’t sound like a common problem, by the way. I’ve heard of other people having progress stuck, but never under 50%. I think I’ve been pretty lucky with the game.


(](]PR Superstar 44%[/img]

I just replayed 1 PR stunt and beat my personal best and my achievement went from 44% to 100% and finally unlocked. Looks like its fixed :slight_smile: