PR Superstar achievement stuck at 98%

I’ve got 3 stars on all the PR stunts in the main game but the achievement is stuck at 98% and therefore, won’t unlock.

Is anyone else have this issue?

this thread maybe helpful

Unfortunately that did not work, it’s still stuck at 98% however, looking at the stats it says I’ve only done 16/17 drift zones (which is wrong) so going through all of them again

Edit - I only have 16 on my map…

have you unlocked everything, having only 16 might be the issue

The only thing I haven’t done is all the championships…which probably means I haven’t unlocked everything

It’s odd though 1 drift zone would be missing…oh well, guess I got work to do

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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You were spot on. Completed a couple more championships and the final drift zone appeared - 3 star’d it and the achievement popped :slight_smile:

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Mine stuck at 90% done a few jumps at a danger sign as my stats says I only done 6 were I had them all completely done so went in online freeroam done the danger sign then it started tracking again after that