Potential Game Breaking Bug[Xbox 360]

Hello. Today I was playing Horizon 2 on my 360 and I had just finished a championship. So I decided to go and play in a freeroam secession with my friend. When I was playing online with my friend I activated the new championship area. I thought what could go worng. So i got to the circle and it went to the map and the races did not appear(I thought it was because I was online). So I went back to my singleplayer game and the races still were not there. So i reset my xbox and tried everything. Nothing worked. Please help my friend also had this happen the same way so it is just not my system.


You’ll probably find that although you’ll need to finish the races in your current area before moving on. Physically visiting a new area of the map and unlocking challenges in a new area of the map are two different things. Otherwise it would only take folks a short drive to unlock all events in the game.

I have beet the championship before the one that is not working. I am almost done the game so I know how it works.

I went and tried do some more races that I have already done and it did not fix it. I also contacted xbox support and they had nothing there eather.

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The only way that I found that worked is deleting my save file and restarting the game. This is not the best way but the only one right now.

Hope theres a fix for this soon, online has a few bugs it seems, deleting save files should never be the solution, fingers crossed

I did it so I could play but I wish I could still have my old save