Post your Forza Horizon 2 - VIDEOS - Montages, car meets, drift edits, battles, etc etc


Was hoping to get a thread like this going as I couldn’t find an active one. Hoping for all to share their Forza edits for us to check out and support.

I’ll start with my first edit for Forza below, just a montage of some drags, rolls, drifting etc.

First Forza Edit - AMS Forza

Anyone else do edits on here?

I made a drift video, just because I was able to :slight_smile:

Granted it’s not the best thing out there but I had fun doing it

Insane Ridicule Drift Video

turned out well! ^

Edit done by one of our members, REPOST - YT - James 4113 - Forza Horizon 2 AMS - YouTube

Gotta be some more filmers on here? Post your vids!

Teamed up with a mate who edited down some clips for me.

New edit up AMS Forza Drag & Drift