Nissan 240sx little drift montage!

What’s up guys just recently created a Forza Horizon 2 drift video, was wondering if you guys wouldn’t mind checking it out and leaving some feedback, thanks.

Nice little vid there mate especially like the flip to drift
not sure id try that IRL haha

That’s pretty good man! I’d like to talk to you about possibly editing montages for me, we could drive together, and my friend would be the camera chase car. I’m pretty good at forza drifting but I suck at editing stuff! Not trying to thread jack, but I’m going to link you too my montage so you can see how I drive, and the sadly the best song to listen to with it isn’t actually embeded in the video so I’ll link that as well. Song ends before the video and you will have to make the song full volume, and the montage about half volume for best results., let me know what you think about teaming up.

USH 240sx Drift Montage - YouTube < Montage
Mac Miller - BDE Bonus [Best Day Ever] *NEW* - YouTube <Song

If you don’t want them linked here I can delete the link, just let me know!

Yea sure i’ll add you on xbox and see what we can sort out:')