Post Your FM7 Driver Stats!

Alright guys, it’s been almost a year since our dearly beloved FM7 was released. With FH4 right around the corner I thought it would be fun to see how many hard-fought miles and hours you guys have put into FM7. :smile:

To find your stats, in the main menu scroll over to the Progress tab, then the My Stats tile.

Here’s mine!

Number of races: 1408
Cars owned: 814
Distance driven: 13,435.85 miles
Time driven: 143 hours
Average speed: 94MPH

Probably isn’t a lot compared to some others, but this is one of my most played Forza titles. Lets see what you guys have!

One of the most played Forza Motorsports for me too.

Number of races: 1668
Cars owned: 797
Distance driven: 24,770.18 miles
Time driven: 213 hours
Average speed: 118MPH

Here’s mine. To be fair, its my first Forza, so i have been playing it to death, still playing it daily actually.

Number of races: 2240
Cars owned: 780
Distance driven: 33,699.48 miles
Time driven: 381 hours
Average speed: 88MPH

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Number of races: 2630
Cars owned: 899
Distance driven: 57761.98km
Time driven: 378h 35:38
Average speed: 153 KM/H

Number of races: 3,984
Cars owned: 303
Distance driven: 43,517.35 miles
Time driven: 452H 02:15
Average speed: 96mph

Number of races—1160
Cars owned—806
Distance driven—21,290
Time driven—157 hours
Average speed—136 MPH
Tier 12—21,823 (52 points not updated yet so actually 21, 875)
Reward credits to date—400,740,000 reward credits

Not super impressive stats but I sure have fun with it.

Number of races - 1,680
Cars owned - 827
Distance driven - 34,248 miles
Time driven - 364h 03:26
Average speed - 94mph
Tier 12 - 21,945, plus 32 for FM3 that won’t register :slight_smile:

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Races - 1,624
Cars - 781
Distance Driven - 30,966 miles
Time Spent Driving - 324 hours
Average Speed - 96 MPH

Number of races:1370
Cars owned: 579
Distance driven: 16 640 miles
Time driven: 135 hours
Average speed: 123 MPH

I’m a casual racer so my stats are pretty tame compared to everyone else’s
Number of races: 731
Cars owned: 359
Distance driven: 6,249 miles
Time driven: 73 hours
Average speed: 96 MPH

Number of races - 3,760
Cars owned - 895 (+ 5 currently in auction house to make space)
Distance driven - 74,223.84 km
Time driven - 523h 14:47
Average speed - 142 km/h

Forza Rewards Tier 12 - 20,954 (I’ve not played FM6 Apex)

FM7 Car Collection Tier 45 with current score of 338,511

I’d be interested to know if a higher score for car collecting is possible or whether I reached the maximum apart from missing 205 points for the 2016 Honda Civic FE (the one I own has zero score)

my collection tier is 45 and the only vehicle left to collect is the Ford Raptor FE.
i doubt it will get me to tier 46 though. 896 total vehicles in the garage

Number of races - 3,564
Cars owned - 899 [holding off for the last vehicle Ford Raptor FE]
Distance driven - 28,574.95 Mi
Time driven - 523 h 10:15
Average speed - 92 MPH

I think I’ve played more FM7 than most of the others put together

Number of races - 1,671
Cars owned - 881
Distance driven - 40,974.74 Mi
Time driven - 452 h 27:28
Average speed - 91 MPH

Distance driven is quite high due to choosing extra long in career and HLCs

Here we go. I practically only play Forzas and Battlefields.

Number of races: 4220
Cars owned: 784, five FE legendaries left
Distance driven: 33,239.78 miles
Time driven: 369 hours
Average speed: 90MPH
Tier 12: 20495, I skipped Apex

Number of races: 1218 (Courses most often raced: Nurburgring and LeMans)
Cars owned: 863
Distance driven: 22,598 miles
Time driven: 256 hours
Average speed: 88 mph (lol, time travel anyone)
Tier 12 No Apex

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Number of races: 2,258
Cars owned: 842
Distance Traveled: 14,670.83 MI
Time driven: 235 H
Average speed: 72 MPH
Forza rewards: tier 12
Car collection: tier level 44
Driver Suits: Many (I like to collect those too so I wanted to include it lol)

Number of races: 2,202
Cars owned: 824
Distance driven: 29,746.29 miles
Time driven: 253 hours 44:06
Average speed: 117mph

Races: 442 (I don’t do MP much more than for leagues)
Distance: 17,762km (basically all my career has been on Extra Long)
Cars: 681
Driving time: 115 hours 15 minutes 19 seconds

Number of races: 4.583
Cars owned: 799
Distance driven: 67.595 km
Time driven: 484 h
Average speed: 140 km/h