Possibly the worst yet!

I bought Forza 7 once it went down to £40.
Glad I waited, so dissatisfied with it.
I’ve done all the Forzas except Horizon 2.
In FM6 all I raced was R and P class. Really enjoyed it.
But now, 2 weeks after my purchase I still only have 1 R class car which was a gift. No R or P class lobby except endurance.
Is it not enough to have to endure the boredom of lower class racing to finally have enough cars to allow me to buy some R class cars.
I don’t want to spend my Xbox time being slammed about in lower class games. I want to race!
That’s what Forza once was! A nice classy racing game!
Forza Motorsport. More sport less Horizon please!
I fear FM will start losing a big fan bass if they don’t start doing what members want!
No customers, no Money! The only language Microsoft seems to listen to!
Sort it out!