Positive Feedback on Latest Patch

For me the PC version of the game was virtually unplayable because of the stuttering framerate.
But after yesterday’s patch and updated Nvidia drivers the game is now running nice and smoothly and zero crashes…so far.
Win10 build 1703, i7 6 Core CPU, 32GB RAM, Geforce 1080ti

I’ve only done one race so far and a few benchmarks but I could tell straightaway the game was running alot smoother. The menu, the loading speed, browsing the different cars, the sound and music…everything seemed to be running at a much smoother rate.

I’m still running with Game Mode, Game DVR and Game Bar off.
I’ll do a few more race soon and report back but things are looking hopefully.
Thanks Turn 10.

For me the game is running much better also, the frame rate is faster and smoother and the game actually looks better, probably because of the frame rate. My lights hadn’t worked at night races but do now, wow it looks really good, even my wheel feels better. This is really becoming the game I hoped it would be.

CPU 6700K GPU GTX960 4GB OC 16GB ram latest Windows build. G920 wheel. Running on Ultra.