Porsche Mission X 2023

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Porsche Mission X

Porsche Mission X




This is just an idea on paper, Porsche has said they are not even sure they’re going to go through with building – the Mission R Concept at least has two functional units prior to adding, I’d hate to see this thing actually implemented over countless other cars that are more than lines on paper.

Hard pass on this one.

Top Gear Video covering the Car


Need it now


We got the Mission E Concept car to both Motorsport and Horizon.
A concept car I had considered we never see in Horizon (because its a motorsport concept car).

As that Mission E is in. I really hope we can get this beautyful car too. But even if we would get it. I guess it would at least take half a year from car release. (Did Playground games not once mention it takes 6 months to get 1 car from scan to ingame finish?)

Either way I hope this thing finds its way to Forza, as well as find its way into production.

This car would be a great addition to Motorsport.

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Mission X

Porsche Mission X on the IAA (not my photo)



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Mission X would be a very successful car like the Nevera, the successor of the 918 Spyder and runs a lot,we really need it aside of more Porsches.