Porsche (Barn Find and other questions)

It has come to my attention there have been two Barn Finds exclusive to Forzathons. I was told one of them was a Porsche. The questions are therefore obvious:

  1. Which Porsche?
  2. What is the other car?

Also, I’m seeing plenty of 911s in the designs list with 964 bumpers. Is there a 964 series 911 in the game or is it just an aftermarket part for an older 911 or something like that? As it’s known, up to the 964 (and probably even the 993), there were many interchangeable parts between 911s, which is why Singer uses the 964 as a base for their cars.

I ask because I’m fond of the 964 (of course!). :smiley:

The 930 3.3 turbo has bumpers and wings to change it to a 964, I think its pretty awesome and have two or three of them myself.

The two forzathon barn finds are the Porsche 356 and the AMC Pacer X. (Google couldve given you this answer)

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Thanks, I’ll get a 930 Turbo ASAP then. :slight_smile: I imagine it’s possible to upgrade the displacement to turn it into a 3.6, too.

As for the 356, I hope it shows up again, would be nice to get my Beetle fix from it. :smiley:

you can buy the cars in the auction house if you really want them