Porsche 924 1981-1988

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Porsche 924 GTP (1980)
Porsche 924 GTR IMSA (1981)

The best version of the unloved entry-level Porsche 924 was the Carrera GTS Clubsport, which had 280 PS from a turbocharged I4, more than the first 911 Turbo. Just 15 Clubsports were made, featuring plastic fenders and front spoiler, an air scoop, a bigger rear spoiler, fixed headlights, a roll cage, Bilstein coilovers and a limited-slip differential. All in all, the GTS CS weighed just 1060 kg. You can still get a working 924 for four figures, but the Clubsport is considerably more expensive, with the above example selling for 357 000 $ in 2019. So much for “not real Porsche”…


It’s drivable in Forza Motorsport 7!

Should be easy to port to Horizon :slight_smile:



924 2.0:

924 S:

924 Carrera GT:

924 Turbo:

924 Bieber Convertible:

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The GTS and the rally version


Yet like the 928 GTS it still hasn’t been ported