Porsche 911 RSR GTE (Silverstone GP Questions)

How much Aero would you guys put in the Porsche? The Damping i’m confused on, can not find a good setting.

What’s the weight of the car?


Full Aero or near full aero should be the fastest.

Try 363/680

You most be looking at a different Porsche!

Oops my bad. Go with full aero, should be fastest.

For Silverstone GP, I always use Max/Max on just about all cars…especially higher class cars as the 911 RSR.


Aero I’d run on near enough full if not full. Dampening, I’d go quite high on the rebound, soft on the bump but have more front rebound and bump than rear. It’s a back heavy car so go for stiffer springs on the back and softer springs on the front, same goes for anti-roll bars. At least 2 degrees of camber front and rear, probably about 2.3 front camber and about 2 on the rear. Also having a high deceleration on the diff may help.

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I missed this thread at the time so please excuse the resurrection. From the weight I assume we are talking about the 2017 #92 GT Team 911 RSR. Car has 43% weight distro and I agree, its very hard to tune such that the back end stays under control. I like to compare this to the other RSR - the 2011 #45 Flying Lizard GT3 RSR (39%) - as that one works very well but the #92 is much more of a challenge.

Here is what I dont understand, seeing as we are talking about aero: the aero values you can select on the #92 are almost entirely different to those on the #45. The ranges are:

#92 = Front: 240-400, Rear: 336-559

#45 = Front: 149-248, Rear 582-970

…you see the problem. Two similar cars, totally different aero ranges. Note that the #45 has a lower front range, but a higher rear range than the #92.

Now, I find the #45 works beautifully with ‘half’ aero (215/837) - but you cant set that on the #92 as a base setting to work from.

I’ll play with the #92 some more tonight and try min front and max rear aero, see if that works. Note: I use a low front and high rear ride setting on the #45. That rake ‘should’ increase aero. Will try it on the #92 also.

Alright. So, like anything, a lot comes down to the preference of how you like the car to feel, and what you’ve decided to do with the other settings.

I have a #92 RSR that places very high on the leaderboards in Forza GT. To my knowledge, the RSR (along with the Aston Vantage GT3) is the hardest Forza GT car to tune in the game. Don’t feel bad if you can’t get it right - 99% of people can’t either.

On my RSR, I have 109kg (minimum) on the front, and 182kg (approx 1/4) on the rear. If I crank up the front aero, it becomes a twitchy mess. If I raise both settings in unison, I don’t get the acceleration and top end I am looking for. Note that I operate in metric units, and I also run simulation steering and TCS. I’m not saying these settings are correct, but that’s what mine are.

Other important things of note with this car:
→ Brake bias needs to be above 50. I also prefer 200% brake pressure.
→ 100 deceleration value for differential.
→ Damping isn’t too important on this car; the three settings mentioned above are.

These processes also translate nicely to the #45 Flying Lizard Porsche, and the OP #63 Lamborghini Trofeo.

BM Entice.

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Great input. I’ve spent about 4 hours today playing RSR and found the aero settings you suggest are perfect (240/400 in old money), also 55% brake balance works very well. However, I couldn’t make the 100 decel diff work for me; in the end I found 50/40 accel/decel felt the best. I can now get down the Nordschliefe within a handful of seconds of my best Forza GT (the AM DB9 007) so cant ask for more than that.

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Glad to hear, more than happy to help.

I think part of why I can get away with that decel, is due to a combination of sim steering, and whatever differences we have in the other settings. My balance is 55% also, and there’s an element of preference to that. Again, it’s all about the desired effect, and the settings required to achieve such. Everyone has a different taste, and a different solution to problems.

Glad it was working well for you - Best of luck! If you play Forza GT Endurance, I’m sure I’ll see you at some stage. If you ever need a hand, feel free to hit me up on Xbox.

BM Entice.