Porsche 911 1997-2006 (996)

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Porsche 911 (996)

This model is for variants in production-spec other than the 2004 Porsche 911 GT3 already in FH5.


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  • Convertible
  • Targa
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Which trim do you prefer?

  • Carrera
  • Turbo / Turbo S
  • GT3 RS
  • GT2
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There is a RSR Version of the 996 GT3, this would be awesome!


Not just those, the original egg headlights 1997 911 too


2003 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

2003 Porsche 911 GT2


Legendary cover car !


The 996 is like the Khloe Kardashian of Porsches… there is always one ugly sibling…


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They should add the 996 Turbo with the Turbo S aerokit in customization


While we do have the 996 GT3 in FH5, the ultimate version of the underrated and unloved 996 generation is missing. The 996 GT2 follows a by now familiar recipe: take the track-tuned GT3, add the turbos from the Turbo, crank the power up a bit and voila, the best, most desirable 911 for the generation is created. For the 996 generation, the GT2 was created with production in mind for the first time, as the 993 had essentially been a homologation special demanded by the GT2 regulations. By then, the turbo lag that had made the early 911 Turbos infamous had been eliminated, and the lucky customers were left with one of the fastest cars around any race track in the early 2000s thanks to its 483 PS twin-turbo flat-6. This number may seem small as the current Carrera S has 450 PS, but the 996 was a lot smaller and lighter than the 992. Also, the Bugatti Veyron was still being developed, Koenigsegg had just started making 650+ PS monsters, and the fastest car in the world was still the 627 PS McLaren F1.


The GT2 Clubsport variant would be cool

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I just want a normal spec 991 996

Normaler Porsche 911 996.1

911 GT3-RSR please please PLEASE


Model: 911 Turbo
Year: 2000
Engine: 3.6 Litre Flat 6 Twin Turbo
Gearbox: 6-Speed Manual
Top Speed: 191 MPH
0-60: 4.1 Seconds
0-100: 8.9 Seconds
Power: 414 BHP
Torque: 413 Ib/ft
Weight: 1539 KG
Class: Retro Supercars
Why Should this Car be Added?: The 993, 996 and 997 generation of 911 are underrepresented in the series at the moment and the Turbo is a good all-rounder that deserves to represented along with the likes of the Carrera 4S.


I wish you could install the pre-facelift front bumper onto the existing 996 GT3.

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I think the 996 Turbo is the only good 996 ever, so this should be in FH5 in addition to the GT3.

Could we possibly get the,

Porsche 996 Turbo S or the 996 Carrera S.
These are the factory wide body versions of the 996, current we only have the 996 GT3 which is a narrow body.
As turbo or N/A manual cars I feel like these will fit in nicely in several classes and I for one have always wanted these in the Forza franchise since I began playing on the original Xbox on FM1.
Also the Carrera 4s has the iconic solid red reflector/light across the back of the car.

Turbo S

Carrera 4s


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Remodel the existing GT3 and/or give us the Turbo S too


NEVER seen in any other game, only in NFSP 2000.


996 Turbo, GT3 RS and GT2 would be so welcome in my opinion. I actually really like the way the three models especially looked.