Pops & Bangs

Hey Guys I’ve been playing FH5 for 3 days and I don’t know if is just me or some of you have the same problem or glitch I don’t even know how to call it but not all the cars have pops and bangs. I wanted to know if you guys have the same problem or if you guys used to have this problem and have already fixed it I will appreciate it if you help me with that. I’m on Pc by the way so If you guys have the same thing on pc let me know so I can know that is not just my game. Thank you very much guys drive safe.

Not all cars in the world do “pops and bangs”…so not all cars in the games do “pops and bangs”


you didnt understood his problem, many cars do a lot of pop and bangs when you first drive them but when you switch the car the pop and bangs disappear. That ruins some cars really bad

i read this several times looking for his question, can’t find the question!

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