Polestar 1 2019-2022

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Polestar 1

This masterpiece needs to come to Horizon.
Even if it gets added with the other Polestar vehicles, it is genuinely a one of a kind, super-hybrid, that does not get the love it deserves.
I know EA has the rights to it, thanks to Heat, but I am pretty sure PG can make a plan?
It has 600hp, over 1000nm of torque. It can do 0-100kph in 4,2 seconds, and has a Limited top speed of 250kph/155mph.
Can we make it happen?
Polestar One


If they got Lynk & Co they can get Polestar cars, is from same group


Polestar 1


@JETLAG_Haruka there is only a polystar 1, there is no versions of this car
Why you still keep doing it?

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2020 Polestar 1

Volvo has considered Polestar to become its standalone brand. As a result, this is their first production car.

It is powered by a 2.0 Twin-charged (Turbo and Supercharger mixed) 4-cylinder engine producing 326HP to the front wheels, while mixed with two Electric motors in the rear producing 232HP, and an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) producing 68HP. With all the motors combining power, the overall Hybrid power will be a total of 600HP and 1,000 Nm of Torque. And an 8-speed Automatic.

Polestar is also part of Geely Group, where Lotus, Volvo, and Lynk & Co are part of the biggest automotive group in China. It should join Forza world soon because the only game to feature it, is Need For Speed. Since NFS does not offer interior cameras and has janky-ahh physics, All we want is to see its full-detailed interior virtually in another racing game.


Ah yes, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. The finest automobile group from China.


bro that car is sooo sick my dream :white_heart::white_heart:

AWD with rear electric motors, this would be a good battle with the Audi E tron, Porsche Taycan or Xpeng.


This one is sick. Polestar will shine with this car in FH5. The dopest Polestar I know

That wouldn’t compete against them cause it isn’t a bev its a phev

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I was talking about the fact that they are all super saloons. Forza doesnt separate cars as to whether they’re BEV or PHEV.

That’s a GT a Saloon has 4 doors its be a while when there were 2 door saloons

I could see it in both categories. There are many 2 door saloons/coupes in the super saloon category and we just had the BMW M2 recently.

These all have 2 doors

2023 BMW M2
2018 RS5 Coupe
2016 M2 Coupe
2016 Mercedes C635 Coupe
2015 Lexus RCF
2015 Infiniti Q50
2014 M4 Coupe
2011 BMW 1M Coupe
2011 Audi RS5
2008 BMW M3

I’m surprised by how this and other new Polestar cars still aren’t in the game, I mean it’s been nearly 5 years since this was in Need For Speed Heat but not any other games

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And the Mercedes SL AMG.

I made that post in February.

It’s quite unfortunate that this Polestar has exclusive rights with EA & NFS only. But what’s more unfortunate with that is we cannot see the interior. NFS games are always third person and the interior detail of cars look almost finshed that they still never bother wanting to finish it and to add a cockpit cam with working gauges & instruments.emphasized text

Its been 4.5 years it should be scanable now

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It might be 5 years old now but considering the next update, it’s still modern enough?