Please, stop nagging us while we are driving!

If I’m driving my car, please, please, PLEASE stop nagging me! You can show me notifications. You can have one of the Horizon staff members call me and have a “conversación” about those new unlocks I’ve just earned. But what you reeeeally shouldn’t do is to force my car to stop, and shove into my face the map, so I have the “freedom” to choose what to unlock next. Not now, game, not now! Like, I’m playing a Forzathon (sorry, “Arcade”) live event right now. DON’T. STOP. MY. CAR!!! to make me choose the next Horizon expansion, I’ll do it whenever I want!

I know it always has been like this in every FH game. But does it have to? It’s really annoying. I’m free to do whatever I want, wherever I want… except when the game decides I need to immediately do what they want instead :frowning:

At least, in FH5 we are not forced to choose the unlock right away, we can just cancel and return to the road, so we waste much less time. But the damage is already done by then.

I can’t understand how they’re able to make such an amazing and fun game, but then fail so hard with the small details. Don’t they play their own games? Doesn’t it annoy them too? I don’t get it.

Edit: the barn finds. That’s done perfectly. When a new one pops up, I just get an unobtrusive, quick call from Alejandra, and a notification on my screen. That’s all. If I want, I can check it on the map. If I don’t, I can just keep playing. PERFECT! Why not do the same for the Horizon unlocks?


Yes its annoying and if u unlock new chapter it removes your waypoint and places own. But u can unlock the main things pretty fast without doing them all and it stops the map popping then.

This is more annoying now

and it doesnt care if you are doing danger signs or whatever it forces car doing instant stop to show the message. And this connection thing can go crazy every 10 seconds new message for 5minutes then u cant drive at all.

c&p > DON’T. STOP. MY. CAR!!!


The game is just broken at the moment, it stops the car randomly in freeroam telling you you’ve lost connection…this is even something else than the game nagging us with unnecessary cutscenes, calls and so on.

No, I did NOT lose any connection - I have other web services running perfectly fine and multiple constant ping commands set to verious servers which all work fine.

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Oh yeah, the insta-stop-the-car when you get disconnected is much more annoying.

I just assumed that’s a bug and not intentional game design… hopefully? It didn’t happen when you lost connection in FH4.