Please fix the Eliminator!

I tried to play since I ranked to lvl 10 then after that the game started giving me disconnecting messages and, I just wanting to play but, I think there is bugs or it might be there server who knows. I was hopping that they could fix the issues with the disconnecting issue and, the long wait to get in the eliminator part of the game. My internet is working fine and, It’s not on my end!

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Disconnects are all over the place nowadays. I find myself lucky if I stay long enough to get the rewards.


We need to band together to see if playgroungs or turn 10 is listening for all these errors and, disconnection problems. It’s been going on for at least 11 months and maybe more. I just really hope there looking in on this.

Sadly get the impression they’re not. Just had a DC whilst trying to enter an adventure (lost count of the amount of DCs I’ve had in the past few weeks)