Please add a 'Toggle HUD' option to the D-Pad Down options

So far the D-Pad Down option can be switched between Anna, Telemetry and what looks like Text to Speech; I’d like to see an option added alongside these which allows you to make down on the D-Pad toggle the HUD elements on and off instantly without needing to pause, go into the hud and difficulty options and remove all the different elements, then put them back exactly as they were when you’re done taking in the sights. My favourite thing about Horizon is how it can go from casual cruising and exploring to full-intensity racing in minutes, I would like to see a way to toggle the HUD on and off just as quickly so we can experience these activities at their absolute best.


This suggestion reminds me of the first few Need for Speed games back in the '90s. On the PS, they let the HUD be toggled on and off simply by holding down the camera view button.

I too would love to have a shortcut to this in FH4. :slight_smile:

+1 would love that too