PI system broken?

Anyone else have a problem with this? For example, why is it that the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta can have sport tires, increased tire width, race suspension, and engine mods that put it near 800 hp all while remaining in A class, yet the 599 GTO, with far less power, similar weight, and comparable stock handling and braking performance can’t even have sport tires with no other mods and remain in the class (it shoots up to S 806, and when comparing benchmark numbers even with the 599 GTO having jumped into S class, the A Class F12 with mods DESTROYS the 599 GTO). [Mod Edit - implied, abbreviated and masked profanity is still considered profanity - DE]

The PI system has never been perfect, but it’s more balanced in FM5 than previous Forza games. See FM2/FM4 for rev-bangers, and FM3 for AWD festival. FM1 isn’t out of the equation either.