[PHOTOCOMP] Word Association game! --- Week 14 Complete

Welcome to the Word Association Game!

Everyone loves a themed photocomp, so here’s a new one! It’s a simple game, there will be a word of the week and the goal is to take a single shot that best embodies that word. This is going to be a weekly community driven competition. There is no prize, only bragging rights and your image featured in the winner’s gallery in the second post of this thread.

-Entry period will start Monday and run until Midnight on Thursday. Voting will take place Friday through Midnight Saturday, winner posted on Sunday. All times Pacific US.(for the west coast guys)

-Winner picks the next week’s word. They must post the word by Midnight on Monday, or one will be chosen by me.

-The word can be anything; an adjective, noun, a brand or model, a color, or whatever the winner likes. It must be 1 word, no phrases.

-You get one entry per week. You may edit or change your entry as much as you like until the deadline(thurs. midnight).

-Shots must come from Forza Horizon 2, no editing outside of the game.

-Voting is open to all, you don’t need to enter to vote. Photographers may not vote for themselves.

-There are no restrictions on who may enter, the previous week’s winner is allowed to enter again.

This is intended to be fun above all else, so I hope y’all enjoy the challenge!

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Winner’s Gallery

Week 1
Word: Ferrari________________________Winner: CamaroGuy96

Week 2
Word: Elegance_____________________Winner: Apparently God

Week 3
Word: Twilight______________________Winner: Morc 57

Week 4
Word: Still__________________________Winner: Apparently God

Week 5
Word: Flare________________________Winner: iHomie OG

Week 6
Word: Evil_________________________Winner: Apparently God

Week 7
Word: Rural________________________Winner: CamaroGuy96

Week 8
Word: Icon_________________________Winner: HOOKERno1

Week 9
Word: Peek_________________________Winner: Apparently God

Week 10
Word: Classic_______________________Winner: iHomie OG

Week 11
Word: Blur__________________________Winner: TRXhunt

Week 12
Word: Doubles______________________Winner: HOOKERno1

Week 13
Word: Close_________________________Winner: nuvoIari


For the first week I’m going with a seemingly simple one. The word of the week is:


Sweet, another photocomp! Thanks CamaroGuy


Sounds like a lot of fun!

Here’s one of my recents that fits nicely:

(lol at the simultaneous entries!)

Im in…


Definitely in!! Thanks CamaroGuy!!

330 P4 4 by Sp4nkn88, on Flickr


Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso by J. Crump Forza Photography, on Flickr

Ooooh another comp! Nice one Camaroguy.

Theres some amazing shots already posted but I’ll try,

Glad y’all like the competition. Some great shots in here already.

Here’s my personal entry:



Last day for week 1 entries!

Spot me! I love Ferrari’s!

EDIT - Here it is:


I’m extending week 1 entries through this evening!

Entries closed. Voting is now open!

ANYONE and EVERYONE can vote! You get one vote for your favorite shot of the week. Photographers can’t vote for themselves.

My vote this week goes to Apparently God. Beautiful lighting in that shot!

I’m gonna have to vote for Hooker’s shot it is simply stunning!!

Stiggy gets my vote.