[PHOTOCOMP] Word Association game! --- Week 14 Complete

AcesWild for my vote.

My vote has to go to CamaroGuy96.

I feel his shot best represents Ferrari as it includes and focuses on the round tail lights, the unmistakable shade of red, and, of course, the Prancing Horse.

Its God for me.
Now thats not something I say very often!
Kudos to all that entered as there are some excellent photos on show.


iHomie is it for me.

My vote: Sp4nkn88

Vote: Photo Stig

CamaroGuy96 gets my vote

I vote for CamaroGuy96. Good luck to the entrants!

I’ll close voting at 10pm eastern US.
Again, voting is open to all!

My vote goes to HOOKERno1 as I feel his shot fully embraces what the experience of driving a Ferrari would entail.

Week 1 is in the books. The winner with 3 votes is CamaroGuy96 (hey , I know that guy! haha). Honorable mention is a 3 way tie between HOOKERno1, Photo Stig, and Apparently God, each with 2 votes. Thanks for playing guys, now on to week 2!!!


Since I won this past week, I pick again. Whereas Ferrari was a very narrow word, I’m going to go the other way and throw something out with a broad range of interpretations. Week 2’s word is



Here is my entry:

300 SL 2 by Sp4nkn88, on Flickr


Good luck everyone!


Moon River by HOOKERno1, on Flickr

My entry:


Just before midnight :slight_smile:

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Have several Jags as back up, but after seeing so many excellent examples decided to go for something a little different.
Hope it counts as an elegant car? Definitely more elegant than my 10 yr old 3 series!

Edit Changed pic as the other was a bit boring!