Photo challenge issue

hello, I have a question about the photo challenge, in the car collection, my game shows that it has 699 cars in total in the game, but in photo mode, the achievement shows that it has 701, what would these other two missing cars be?

If I’m not mistaken, some vehicles in the Horizon Promo are traffic cars.

701 is the full roster that includes DLC such as the promo codes for the Limited Edition Controller Ford, OPI Edition Ford GT, and Oreo Pagani - do you have those?

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I don’t have those cars but I’ll check if I can get them, thanks a lot for the info

You can get pictures of them in custom routes. You can either search for them, or just set one up yourself with custom cars with those cars eligible as well as some cars from your garage so you have something to drive. You can then do a test drive, take a photo and quit out. No need to save it.

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The total number of available cars to photograph is usually incorrect. Ignore that number.
To see which cars you have not photographed yet, go to pause menu, then Horizon Promo, then filter results to see cars you have not photographed.
To photograph vehicles you can’t find in gameplay, go to Super 7 or Event Lab, search for that car, enter event, photo the car.