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Apologies if this has been answered before but a search turned up nada.

Tried my best – copied the car list from Forzacentral into Google Sheets, been filling it out as I go – but it seems my numbers don’t line up. I’m being told I’ve photo’d 492 of 539 cars, but my spreadsheet only shows about 40 I’m missing, when the actual count I’m missing according to the game is 47.

Is there a way to track what you’ve photographed so far? Which cars you’re missing? I know I’ve got enough cars for the cheevo, but I’m a completionist so I’d like to nab all 539.

Thanks, all!

Go to Progress and the Horizon Promo tile and filter for Not Captured.
There are 14 traffic cars (some duplicates of garage cars but with front license plates) that you can’t own which just have to be found driving around.


You the MAN, Max! Thanks and yeah forgot to mention that I’ve nabbed what I’m pretty sure are all the traffic cars:

Falcon Ute
Transit Diesel
318 ti
Fiesta Zetec

After reading that you can photograph missing cars after creating a custom race with only those cars, I decided to capture all 539. But I have a problem with the last one – Ford Shelby GT350R Preorder Car. If I checked well, it isn’t available to select in custom races. How do I capture it? Find someone who has it in some coop session?

I have tried all the normal tricks to get cars that you don’t own to show but none of them have worked…

you could try driving around in the “normal” version of it… I tend to find that by being in a particular class of car that after a few minutes the drivatars would switch to vehicles in the same class that your in… I’m guessing you have the perk on that puts the camera above cars you haven’t captured…

I put one in a blueprinted bucketlist just for people like you as well
But the way i got the ones i didnt have was by driving the regular version at the same pi level in a race
You cant take photos in co-op

Use the Xbox Clubs and Looking For Group feature to find someone with the car and ask them to create a Bucket List Blueprint with it, then friend them on Xbox and find the event. You’ll be able to snap and drive the car for that event. I’ve put up Pre-Order cars in the Outback region blueprint points for this purpose - I have all the others but not the Ford.

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Thanks, I’ll keep this in mind.

Did I understand correctly – you created a blueprint with this car? How could I find it?

Yep so has ManteoMax
You need to follow the gamertag and when you go to the blueprint bucketlist icon in the outback you will find the bucket list with the mustang among the others there
I’ll check when i get on next and tell you the exact bucketlist name

Shakurazz - What you could do to get the preorder GT350R to appear:

Get in the non-preorder GT350R and blueprint a race using the same brand (Ford) or car division (Modern Muscle). In your case, I would go with car division since there are less modern muscle cars than Fords. Less cars means more chances that the preorder version should appear.

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if you can match the PI as closely as possible it makes it even more likely to happen…

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Thanks Talby, I found your blueprint at the South Outback blueprint point. 539/539 :slight_smile:

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