Phone Wallpapers

Hey all,

I’ve recently done alot of custom work for the Forza horizon subreddit in terms of creating phone wallpapers for the game for people.

Yes I do edit them in post (lightroom) for more realism, colours contrasts etc - if that’s not allowed in this forum please let me know as I am relatively new here.

If you have a certain car/scenario in mind which you would want done let me know and i’ll see what I can do!

Here are some of my best ones:


Nice results, I use LR with RAW images only and I think for such purposes it is better to use PS. I can also recommend a resource with free congratulatory wallpapers . There are ready-made greeting texts there, which can be edited. Very fast and convenient.

Thanks!, yeah I mean i used to use photoshop alot, but lightroom just made it so much easier for me, plus the organisation is a ton better hehe

These pictures are beautiful ! How are you doing to have such a good result ?

Honestly, 80% of it is ingame photomode. I set the weather, contrast, colour etc there. The only thing I really do afterwards in lightroom would be to raise the shadows slightly as there isnt an option for that in game, and colour grade a tiny bit more to make it “pop” or to seem more realistic :slight_smile:

I have a few more photo examples here on my reddit post!

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