My Forza Horizon 5 Gallery. A time consuming and ambitious project!


Its safe to say that I’ve now spent more time with Forza Horizon 5’s photo mode than with any other. Ever…
I’m now spending more time with a single picture than with an entire short game or movie.
So far I like to keep it within the confines of the actual photo mode and dont like the idea of using an additional image editing software to basically do whatever I want with a photo.
Some pics turn out better than others but regardless I would like to share some of them here since they, regardless of the work you put into them, are just instantly lost into the vastness of the Internet in the in-game gallery.
Here are a few pics and a link to my full gallery.
Any and all comments are more than welcome.

/ Gamertag: Jimmy Nyman
/ Club: Nextlander
/ Platform: Windows 10 XB Game Pass PC
/ Game: Forza Horizon 5

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I really like the candy cane/bel air shot. Nice use of the prop and the car’s colors!

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