Permanently Turn Music/Radio OFF

  • 90% of in game music is slow (under 150 BPM) and ruins wanting to go fast

  • Just want an option to keep it OFF without the game turning the radio back on from eventlabs/races

Just go into the audio settings and set the volume for the radio to zero.
Never hear music ever again.

Hi @YandereKissu . You can turn off music, using the D-pad on your controller. If in story mission, a music starts to play, just use the D-pad again.
You can try the @CmdrTomalak6330 if you don’t want to use D-pad.

The game has music that still plays at different locations and skill songs that cause animations. I don’t want to hear any music in game or be apart of anything music related at all.

There are many instances where music is still playing in game and can not be disabled in settings or in game.

So like even the ambient music at the festivals or driving under an Arcade blimp? And you don’t want skill point mulitipliers or to be bopping along to the absence of music while driving?

These things hinder your desire to hold down the accelerator.

Got it.

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Music still plays on the title screen too when you launch the game. And yes, it ruins the vibe of wanting to go fast.

Okey dokey then.