PC players cannot access any specific club info or functions

Bug Info: PC players cannot see info from a selected club, cannot join open clubs, cannot receive club invites, cannot access club pages. Selecting any club on the club menu tab opens the Xbox App for Windows, which has no club functionality.
If a club owner attempts to invite a PC player, either in the in-game convoy menu, or in the club management menu in the Xbox guide, the PC player never receives any notification to accept.

Platform: (Steam, Windows PC, Cloud)
Edition: (Game Pass, Standard, Deluxe, Premium, Add-Ons)
Account: (any)
PC GPU: (any)
Peripheral: (any)
Settings: (any)
Xbox Settings: (n/a)
Attempted fixes: (filed forza support ticket, closed. filed Xbox support ticket without reply)
Content Update: This has been the situation since Microsoft removed the Console Companion App.

I cant access my club on the pc, started it on xbox game pass, fh5 on console is garbage can so i bought your game on pc to run it better, got it from microsoft so i can transfer my save to pc, sense you cant do it with steam… when i try to go to my club feed, or club page, it opens xbox app and doesnt take me to my club, just shows the xbox app menu. Club is important to me on this game.

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You’ll have to do almost all club management on the xbox, unfortunately.
You can invite new xbox-using members to join either on your xbox club management, or on either platform if you’re in a convoy with the invitee, in the player actions you see when you select a player in your convoy list.
PC players will not be able to receive invites.

no sir, the devs are being super lazy, im not using the xbox to manage my club. id rather let it die before i log back on console, devs once again are failures.

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I also have an issue with this. I am a PC player ONLY and the owner of a Club with no other Admins, as far as i am aware. Right now i cannot find how to transfer ownership, or any other basic administration of the Club. A short time ago i found an article which said to DL the X-Box Companion Beta version, but this no longer works now. Can anyone help? All i want to do is to transfer the ownership to an X-Box player so the Club can be kept “alive”

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You literally cannot access club management on a PC. It was included in the Xbox Console Companion, but Microsoft removed and disabled the application for no apparent reason. Any in-game selection that would lead to club management now either fails or opens the Xbox Windows application, which has no club management functions.

Surely this needs to be resolved as MS have removed the tooling required to “Moderate” clubs owned by PC players, is this in line with their T&C’s?

I’ve no certainty on it, but I would bet on MS making no actual promises in that regard, and no practical way of enforcing it if they did.
All we can really do is ask, which is the entire point of this thread.

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devs made the game pegi 3, they are not use to talking to grown ups like us man is what it is, they are use to talking to children complaining about more pinate’s. If it was rated T, at a minimum our topics would be read and implemented. For the sake of keeping your player base, and customers. Oh well, aint my company, and test drive unlimited is coming out this year which ganna destroy forza online player count. BIG TIME, all due to BLINKERS lmao, and brights and cutting up in traffic.

It’s really disappointing this feature is broken, as I want to meet and engage with other similar players