[PC] Multiplayer won't load, Hangs on black screen

Hey all, this is my first post, loving the game so far. Playing on Windows 10.

Bit of a problem though;

Whenever i go to load multiplayer, it plays an unskippable cutscene, and then afterward immediately goes to a black screen with just the music playing in the background.

Is there a fix for this?

hey guys. don’t mean to bump my own thread, but am i the only one with this issue? multiplayer won’t load at all. it goes to a black screen and hangs. music continues to play.

this is kind of frustrating, do they update this game frequently? i hope they fix this at some point.

I just had this in Leagues. I spectated for a while, then selected to go back to the lobby. Got a black screen with blue ‘loading’ text top centre. And it just stayed like that, but the game had not crashed, because after a while longer it started counting down the 2 minutes. I left it in the hope it would load into the race, but after the countdown ran out, it just went back to ‘loading’ and nothing happened so I alt+F4’d.