[PC]many cars spolier and bumper parts don't work

-Jeep Renegade Bumper/ sideskirts and others dont work

-Ford Fiesta xr3 no spoilers or bumpers work.

-Bmw M3 e30 driver like a child/midget

-Headlights Porsche 928 don,t stand up in close cockpitview

Honde prelude type sh
Civic type r
Both are the same way and i’m on xbox.

It may be worth taking another look–I noticed the Prelude didn’t show custom body parts that I’d bought, then after I switched off of it to another car and came back to it, the parts were there. I can help confirm this bug exists, but it doesn’t seem omnipresent. Weird.

Yea your right i noticed about an hour later the parts worked. First it was pretty much every car with custom parts didnt work except the brz. Then the hour passed and in that hour i did restart when the game crashed and now i havent had the problem since

1973 Porsche 911 RS - front- and rear spoilers and other custom body parts not visible, stock parts remaing when custom ones selected.

This is what you get when you buy the Datsun 510 wide body kit … I’m on Xbox One.


Are they trying to emulate the kneecappers from the Saints Row games?

^^^^^whoa. That is really, really, REALLY bad. Unacceptable for a top tier game like this.

Wheels too. Some of the new wheels won’t show. They look invisible. Others have the brakes clipping through them, or a black ring floating in the middle of them.

Alfa GTV 6
Mazda RX 8 R3
also not working correctly