[INVESTIGATING] Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 Front Bumper

Just purchased the 4.0 and there’s no option to bring the front bumper back to stock form, i don’t really like that tow hook and front splitter, that’s why it’s kinda bugging me. Hope this gets fixed soon! Thanks, T10! :wink:



Thank you for letting me know. I have sent this over to the team to take a look.


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Seems that noone took a look so far ? Please fix this, can’t be that hard?

hey, just keep in mind they aren’t working on a Motorsport 8 title yet to ensure they can make this game as great as it can possibly be. I’m sure if they haven’t addressed this issue in over 9 months that they have a very good reason for not doing so – maybe that reason is they know they don’t have to and still keep on making a lot of money.

and the fact that there is a clipping on a rear spoiler which supposed to be attached to the bonnet/trunk

this car is a mess

Strange. I don’t have the boot an spoiler issue on mine, and on mine I don’t have the tow hook going on either.

are you sure that it’s the same car? kind of weird for you not to have same problem as everyone else here

I didn’t notice the “aftermarket” front spoiler on the car before, but I also have it. Thanks for pointing out. Only option in Aero aftermarket for me is to put on the other rear spoiler. Not to remove the front one.

Also, it behaves real bad at lower speed mid corner. I just drove the full Bernese Alps and had multiple occasions of front end lift!!! How is that even possible on a car like this?!

The Porsches always seem to get front lift. Hard to tune out I find. Also the rear lights have a chrome line around them which isn’t there and the digital Speedo text is wrong.

Not only this Porsche has innacurancies, lots of cars have horrible glitches, for example:

Chrysler 300 SRT8 : It has invisible exhausts when you are racing, it only displays them in forza vista or in your garage.

Audi 1986 #2 HB Audi TEAM Sport quattro S1 E2: The front hood is a mess! you can see it while on front bumper cam its all messed up!

Been a Forza fan since the first one, im really surprised about the inaccurancies and problems this game is displaying, its been the worst realease by far…


The LaFerrari’s active aero flaps beneath the rear bumper are not animated.

The same kind of underbody aero flap is also not animated in the 488 or the 458 Speciale.

It’s funny because they were perfectly fine in FM6 and FH3…

Is it obvious yet that Turn 10 don’t play their own game?


You really expect them to test every single car and a race? They just run algo and if it’s within 80% accuracy according to the code, it’s “fine”
Obviously there are no more actual beta testing before official release, we are the beta testers lmao, enjoy!

Yeah this doesn’t require a drive to detect yeah?

Simple test algo would pick up the missing spoiler option in upgrade menu.

There are plenty of Dev companies that dog food, but T10 definitely hasn’t been one of them for a while. I reckon since FM4.

Bumping this up, 9 months with this car’s front spoiler being messed up. I report the same issue via Twitter almost weekly.

It’s correct in Horizon 2/3, please make it correct here!

Disappointed that it hasn’t been fixed yet despite having been reported 9 months ago. Worth bumping it up, I guess.

This is the tech support forum. Random whining and trolling goes in General Discussion instead.

Still nothing? I don’t have access to the game anymore, so i don’t know. The “[INVESTIGATING]” kinda bugged me…

It was fixed in the September update but they forgot to set the stock front downforce to non-adjustable and add the corresponding Race front bumper to the car’s upgrade tree.

Oh, Turn 10…