[PC] Logitech G920 stopped working with Forza 7

So I purchased a Logitech G920 plugged it in and played Forza 7 fine yesterday. Had to download Logitech Gaming software and apply an update to my wheel to get it to work for my other games, ever since that Forza 7 will no longer recognize the wheel. The strange thing is it does work on the very first screen after loading where you have to push A or Enter, I push A on the wheel and it gets past that but when game is loaded no response from wheel at all in game or menus. Going to controller settings I don’t even see the Logitech, any advice?

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I have problems with my G920 too. It works fine with other games. The D Pad no longer works. It is really frustrating as I can’t work on designs and switch between odd and even numbers when changing sizes and placement.