PC Keyboard & Controller Problems

On PC I am having a lot of troubles when it comes to Forza Horizon 4

  1. My Wired Authentic Xbox 360 controller does not work at all on PC and it works on other games the controller is fully working

  2. Keyboard When ever I hit the gas and then press A or D to turn it does not register that i am still holding down W

If anyone has any tips or how to fix these problems it would be greatly appreciated

same everything but with DS4 v2 controller … at the beginning (number 2 issue) was not there but later it happened to me and tried everything from Sticky Keys to changing the battery of my wirless keyboard but nothing and I quite the game

really annoyed from these two specific problems (no controller config for DS4, ok np I’ll use keyboard … keyboard ignores holding keys … how can I play then !!! :confused: )

Also the complete lack of solutions. Its 2018. How are controllers not working? This is Busch league.