Painting the Robbie Nishida MG Crash Repairs Nissan S15 [ADVICE WANTED]

I’ve decided I want to make a replica of the MG Crash repairs Nissan Silvia S15 driven by Robbie Nishida in the Irish Drift Championship Round 3 “Global Warfare”.

Though Daigo Saito, Matt Powers, Darren McNamara, Phil Morrison and many other international drivers were competing, the way that this car looked really appealed to me.

My question however is what’s the best way to get the MG Crash Repairs logo that I will make on FM5 to look like the decals on the side of the cars of Robbie Nishida and Dean Kearney?

Hang on, here’s a link to the picture on the Achilles Tyres Facebook page - Redirecting...

You will need to paint the logo in reverse so you can place a gradient effect behind.

Fastest way is to make the text the correct way as you normally would…
The paint a masking layer around the text…
Add the stroke to the letters…
and then place a gradient effect behind all the above stages to give the effect in the source pic.

Will explain in images if you require it.


I think I know what you’re talking about, but it’s no harm to explain in pictures if it’s not too much trouble.

Usually you’d paint the logo like this… (Black parts being the vinyls)

With the effect you need to replicate you need to paint it this way instead…

In inverse, so anything in White will show through and this is where the gradient effect will showup.
There are other ways to paint it but with the effect that is the better way, and one id use personally.


Ok, thanks! I’ll try that and see what results I can get. Good that I have the time to do that at the moment, eh?