Paint Request - Toyota Celica 94

Hi all

I’m pretty new to Forza, so please excuse me if this is a bit of cheeky request.

I’ve been super impressed with the painting abilities of the guys in this forum, I can only wish to be able to have 1% of the ability shown in here.

I used to do some sprint racing for real a few years ago and I did get the chance to design a fairly outlandish look for my car. Would it be possible for someone to recreate this on Forza for me, as I would love to be able to use the same car online, as I used to race for real.

Briance racing gallery link

Many thanks to anyone who can help me with this.

Mr Viper sir, you are a legend.

I would be very happy for you to start work on the paint.

Please though do not do any work on this, if in any way it affects your health. This quite obviously no where near as important and do not want to you to feel any pressure to complete this.


Thought I’d add one more photo that is a bit more Forza specific. Taken on a track day 5 years ago.](Photobucket | Make your memories fun!)

Roof and boot are clear of graphics, though this picture may prove useful in other ways

The Toyota standard kit please, it makes it look more like this and less like the GT4. No side skirts required

It’s not stock as such.

It’s the Toyota bodykit you can buy for the front bumper and spoiler. It removes the air vents from the bonnet and nose, and makes the spoiler much smaller.

I’m sure i’ll barely notice any imperfections and you’ll be making a significantly better job of this than I ever could.

White please, same colour as the graphics

This is the best shot I have, sadly do not have the car any longer.

Text says ‘Motorsport Preparation’ with the web address underneath that.

Merlin website is here, which could help with some details Merlin International

Sounds great Viper. Can’t wait to see it.

Thank you very much for sticking it out.

Im currently out of the country, so i wont be able to pick it up till the weekend. Cant wait to see the results.

Sorry about the multiple log ins. I keep forgeting which email i used for my log in and which i used for my sons.

Same person. Can’t wait to see it, sounds like the level of detail is awesome.


I’ve downloaded it and absolutely love it.

Thank you very much for your efforts, it’s a fantastic replica of my old car. Please feel free to leave it shared if you wish, I have no problem with others using the design