Opinions needed.

I don’t know what to do. I enjoy playing online FH1 but its been dead of late since FH2 came out and I’m just not ready to buy a One yet. I’ve read the reviews on FH2 for 360 and 90% of them are not good so before I go out and buy this for 360 answer me this question.

Is it really that bad on 360 compared to the first Horizon?

It is fun. The Xbox One version, of course, has the capabilities of the newer console, but I believe FH2 360 is an improvement over the original.

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What were your favorite things to do in the first Horizon? Without knowing that the 360 users can’t really tell you if FH2 is better or worse.

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It is safe to say that FH2 360 does most things worse than FH1, it’s hard to argue otherwise. I played through the career until I had reached the finale twice and was starting to play around with cars when I gave up for a few weeks while I hunted for a good Xbox One + Horizon 2 deal. So happy to have switched over, no looking back to the 360 version. I loved FH1 and wanted to love FH2 360 but it never happened as much as I tried.

Now I am uncertain as to how much FH2 360 is thriving online, but FH2 XB1 is a bit different to what FH1 was and I have seen many express frustration at not being able to structure their online play as they were used to in FH1.

See here: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst27354_Why-is-finding-an-online--race--sometimes-so-hard.aspx

My understanding is that lobbies were retained for FH2 360.

That said FH2 XB1 online probably has more depth and nuance than FH2 360 online considering tuning, extra DLC cars, engine swaps and FM5 physics engine.

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I picked it up yesterday and yeah, its not like FH1. I mean,its fun to play but the one thing that kills it for me is the huge difference in online play. Who ever designed this game that way, knowing the online races were what made FH1 so fun, should be FIRED! But its all good, I’ll mess around on this until I get my One.

Thanks everyone!