Online Freeroam Trolls

Hello. Doesn’t it get just a little bit old when you join a lobby that has magnificent idiots who target anything moving? Other than expressing a few words with them, I just carry on as usual.

Oh how I wish naming and shaming was prohibited as it’s about they were brought to other player’s attention.

Anyway, excuse the moan and thanks for reading.

Usually when I see people doing that, I pull out the ol Titan XD. Especially when I see people trying to drift and compete with others, and some troll comes and stops in the middle of the road or slams into them. I simply use the Titan to push them well out of the way.

Yea I hate that too. It always someone trying to run in to you or when your racing and you start catching up and they just slam the brakes and wreck you. Always happens when I’m just patiently waiting for someone to race at the airport. But then again everyone has their Dart lol and I’m in my stock 300

Seconded… The airport is terrible for this. It’s where I get my base tune for my camber on my cars so I’m taking corners at various speeds round the airfield and people just seem to follow and try and wreck you not fun… happily though this does seem to happen less and less since launch.

That’s why i have a v12 swapped Gurkha, its my troll repellent.