On The Merits of Searching Instead of Starting Yet Another New Thread.

100 posts in a single thread on the same subject is far, far, far better than a hundred threads with the same subject.

You have a problem. X is not working as you believe it should. In order to get X fixed, you need to get the developer’s attention but how do you do that on a forum filled with scores of new threads daily?

Consolidation and focusing your efforts at a single point. There are hundreds of new threads started each week, and on average they net one or two replies and only a handful of views before they sink into obscurity, never to be seen again. No one reads everything posted to the forums, not even us moderators who read far more than most and certainly not Turn 10. If you want to get their attention to your problem, focus your efforts in a single thread. They may not read everything but they will take a look at a thread with a hundred unique replies and a thousand views because clearly there is something going on in that thread. We moderators also do communicate with the Turn 10 community team regularly and in most cases, we’re going to alert them to large and very active threads before they have a chance to see them themselves so it is doubly in everyone’s best interest to keep the conversation on a single topic in a single thread.

This of course is no guarantee that X gets fixed/added/done but it is the best bit of advice I could give you about getting the developer’s attention to your issue.

NB: Does anyone remember the last time Dan himself posted on the forums? What the thread was about and how many replies and views that thread had before he posted?


I remember the last time he posted.

It hasn’t been since the forum was moved here, has it?

Nice post,Hiero but you know they will never heed your advice.

I completely agree with this sentiment but the reasoning seems alittle flawed.

Thread - Forza servers down (current issue)
Views - Nearly 10,000
Replies - In excess of 200

Responses directly from T10 - 1…asking for patience.

This may not be the best example of my point but I’m certain there are a significant number of threads that get very little obvious attention from T10, at least shall we say their prescence in this forum isnt felt very heavilly. My point is that if T10 was more interactive then perhaps forum members would’nt feel the need to open multiple threads…just offering the opposite side of the coin.

It also makes it much harder to find out exactly the information you are looking for. Finding a post in a long thread may seem inconvenient, but if there is going to be a response with some genuine information it will be found a lot easier looking through one thread than having to go through all of them.

With something like the server issues over the last weekend, I think it would probably require one of the T10 staff to start their own thread where we can get the facts. The presence of T10 staff tends to have a gravitational effect so less new threads would (hopefully) be created!


Honusdan, it was several years ago, prior to the advent of these new forums and even before your time here. Fortunately, he has learned better and stayed away from posting ever since.

Floydntull, they did respond, that’s the point. They responded because it was a large issue effecting a large number of people as evidenced by the many unique posts contained in a single thread. This is the best way to get their attention, or at least to get the attention of us moderators who can then make sure it gets to Turn 10. They’ve responded once to let us know they are aware of the issue and looking into it, when they have something further to report then they will share that then at that time. I would much rather they focus on solving problems than constantly reassuring me that they are working on it but perhaps that’s just me.

T Rex, I do what little I can, when I can, and that to the best of my ability. While the greater lesson will surely be lost on most, I felt better for having shared it regardless.


In the good old days they used to test stuff before selling it, we are not beta testers we are your living.

Hiero is being very nice about it, hey, hes a nice guy. The fact of the matter is that this is not a debatable point, if your making a post then make it in the relevant thread otherwise your post will be locked and the thread will die and your post will go unseen, continue to make new threads and your ability to post on the forums will be suspended, push matters further and its goodbye account.

Now you may think to yourself, why lock it ? why not just move the new post to the relevant thread where it will be seen ? My answer to this is if you cant be bothered to post in the correct place then I cant be bothered to merge your post to the relevant thread, that isn’t to say that Ill take into consideration if you should know better and people that have been around for a while will fare worse.

Hopefully some good will come of the thoughts in this thread … but I have my doubts, lol. One thing I would love to see here that I’ve seen on other gaming forums is a little ‘developers corner’ type area where the devs could post updates or announcements during times like this. It’s gone a long way to keep gamers in-the-know and content on some other sites I’ve been a part of.

That is what the news section and the WIR is for, which isn’t to say that they will keep you informed of every little change they make but if they have something they want to share that’s the place they will usually post it … unless they are replying to a specific thread, post or person.

Fair enough. Guess I was thinking more along the lines of support issues during times when there are problems with the game or servers.