Oliver023's Drift Builds (Competition Tandems/Open/Drift Zones) WIP

Hello I am Oliver023 and thank you for your interest in this forum, I used to be a part of a few tandem clubs and compete competitively in tier based tourneys in Forza Horizon 4 and 3. In Forza Horizon 5, I do not plan on going back into it competitively as it can start wars and would rather relax, but I hope I can help some people out! Each Build I will place a star next to my build representing how much I recommend the build (some builds are just made for laughs). 1 star being the lowest and 5 stars being the highest

Build Explanations: For competition tandems, traditionally your car has to be 500 hrsp, rwd, and stock tires (Or snow tires if your car defaults to sport/race since they have the same grip). These are some of the major things to focus upon otherwise you would either be to slow or to fast to keep up pace. For Open based drifting, awd will score more points as you accelerate faster and can have more extended angle in comparison to a rwd car with slower acceleration buildup and less extended angle. Drag tires are still the meta setup for awd drift tunes as well… there are some cases though if your building for pi… changing tires is okay.

Note: I am in college atm so will update the list as I have time

Comp Tandems

-Car: 2005 Bmw M3
-General Stats: 499 hrsp, 352 ft-lb torque, 2689 lb, stock tires, rwd
-Share Code: 131 890 333

-Car: 2003 Bmw M5
-General Stats: 500 hrsp, 440 ft-lb torque, 3007 lb, stock tire, rwd
-Share Code: 433 014 993

-Car: 1968 Ford Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback
-General Stats: 499 hrsp, 519 ft-lb torque, 2660 lb, stock tire, rwd
-Share Code: 132 612 266

Open Drifting A Class

Open Drifting S1 Class

-Car: 2018 Bmw M5
-General Stats: 1270 hrsp, 901 ft-lb torque, 3368 lb, drags, awd
-Share Code: 326 121 164

-Car: 2008 Magnum SRT-8
-General Stats: 1307 hrsp, 1003 ft-lb torque, 3603 lb, drags, awd
-Share Code: 305 940 675

-Car: 2003 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning
-General Stats: 1750 hrsp, 1475 ft-lb torque, 3752 lbs, drag, awd
-Share Code: 431 673 685

Mercedes AMG
-Car: 2018 Mercedes AMG E63 S
-General Stats: 933 hrsp,897 ft-lb torque, 3467 lb, drag, awd
-Share Code: 178 246 429

-Car: 2009 Zonda Cinque Roadster
-General Stats: 962 hrsp, 816 ft-lb torque, 2797 lb, drag, awd
-Rating: 2
-Share Code: 783 422 479

-Car: 1983 Volkswagen Golf GTi
-General Stats: 668 hrsp, 682 ft-lb torque, 1656 lb, drags, awd
Share Code: 181 466 900


-Car: 2020 Koenigsegg Jesko
-Notes: This car is insanely overpowerd for drift zones and extremely underrated… already have a few top 1000s in the hotwheels expansion with it
-General Stats: 1600 hrsp, 1104 ft-lb, 2994 lbs, drags, awd
-Share Code: 491 893 541