Oldsmobile Aerotech concept 1987-

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" The Oldsmobile Aerotech was a series of experimental high-speed vehicles manufactured between 1987 and 1992 incorporating the latest in performance technology with the intention of breaking multiple automobile speed records. The first such car was driven by four-time Indy 500 winner A. J. Foyt to a world closed-course speed record of 257.123 mph (413.788 km/h) on August 27, 1987 at the 7.712-mile (12.411 km) test track near Fort Stockton Texas. Prior to this, on August 26, 1987, the car had posted a top speed over a mile of 267.88 mph (431.10 km/h)."
(source: Oldsmobile Aerotech - Wikipedia)

There’s at least 3 versions of that car:
Short tail version from 1987:

Long tail version from 1987:

And the 1992 version:


+1 for the short tail version! Thanks for the info gathering, @ValorousCrayon2.


My favourite version would be Long Tail from 1987


Very nice, please add all 3 versions