Old school drifter looking for tandem rooms

Hey guys I have been drifting on the forza games for years got out of it for a bit now looking for some tandem rooms and hopefully get on a team once I get back to my old skill please send me some friend request or post on here so I can get back into some good ol drifting

Getting on tonight if anyone wants to tandem just hit me up

Feel free to add me Bishop, im down to drift, wasnt around when SLP was about, but would be more than happy to tandem with you.

Can’t seem to find your gamer tag would you send me a request also I’m getting on now if anyone is down for some drifting

Its Ill as in Big I small LL then Be RB

Ill Be RB

If I get a chance this weekend Bishop I’ll have some tandems with ya. I knew I drifted with you last week for a little bit. If my car doesn’t become either a transformer or a spaceship due to network issues, I’ll see what I can do.

adddB me for some tandem session’s

I remember sliding with you back in the day, it’s been a while! Add me GT: Pure Spades

Sent you an FR feel free to invite me whenever