Private lobby's!

Been looking around for drift clubs or just some cool people to drift with. Shoot me a friends request . I play almost every night so let’s get sideways!

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I’m always around but I keep my friend list low but if your interested I’m easy to find.

I’m always playing forza so you can add me too
Gt: mightyproducer1

I’m always down to drift. I got a wheel and I’ve finally started to be able to hold down on it so I’m lookin to start some tandems. add me and message me saying you wanna drift, I’m on almost every night.

GT: xK00l Aid Man

I feel like there should be a thread that people can post in letting others on the forums know that they are currently on and hosting a pvt tandem lobby, seems like drifters are dead on here other and don’t post anything

Need to get a little tandem lobby going sometime.