Offline Convoys In FH5

Hey Devs,

// Overview
It’s a request to add offline Convoys in Forza Horizon 5 just like we had in FH3. Few players especially from console can’t buy live gold as they don’t have much time to play games as they get very less hours or quite less times in a month so money spent on that service would be waste.

// Personal problem but a great feature
Back those days making offline Convoys was a great feature to enjoy and get a feel of multiplayer or a group of racers who actually follow you wherever you go but when it comes to online you may or may not get a circle of friends that are interested in your playstyle so it would be great to have this feature.

// New racing feature
Also introduce a new feature in offline race where you and your ai teammate like a pair could complete with in game other offline ai groups…

Good idea, but I think the devs should make an option to turn off this feature when wanted. I loved it, but it was a little annoying at times. Like when trying to honk at people or use the police siren. I was playing the role of a traffic policeman and when using the siren, the person I was arresting joined my team. It was a little frustrating.

Other than that, I’m in complete agreement.
You have my vote! :wink: :grinning:

I think offline convoy would be good, not sure about the bring an ai on your team for a race, is that for horizon open or some other game type? For online freerome seems like a good idea but they might get in your way.

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When we press the button to activate Anna, they just add any option for offline convoy or remember that X for action button for race? So just press X then Anna asks for race or convoy and it’s done simply…

In fh5? I play on Xbox. Is that pc controls?

It’s indeed in Xbox, just when you go online/multiplayer thaen you honk, then a pop up on cars says action then you click X then Anna shows different options of dpad so, just the same way in offline you go near car, honk, anna ask dpad up for head to head and dpad down for convoy. So unlike in fh3 where you honk it just adds convoy so honking became nightmare in that game, so to overcome they can add this thing, at the end it’s copy paste the code thing with tweaks, so atleast they must do it… Max capacity 10 or 14

I find online multiplayers to be D***, so just want few AI that play with me like in group eg. GR Wildlands. So atleast whenever you load game you don’t even need to have friends or wait for them, so you are not dependent on them to have fun in game or your own bromance/fiction story driving together like brothers… FH4 and FH5 lacks it badly, I hope some devs really took action on my issue atleast I ain’t the one who will enjoy it, there are several others who find Xbox Live gold useless for multiplayer and wanna enjoy the same in offline with convoys, like that fh3 offline convoy was much better, it was curing my depression, like I loved to drive with them considering my real friends, it meant a lot to me, they just shattered that whole in these new 2 titles…

F U PG/Forza/Microsoft/that_white_guy_with_specs_and_ample_amount_of_CDs_

Thank you for your response. Sadly, I don’t have xbox live.