Official Weekly FH5 Livery Competition - Week 055

Gamertag - Buddy Munter

Car - 1991 Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford Escort Cosworth Group A

Livery Design Name - Hooni-Pinkus 1 (Livery Competition - LiveRev0055.)

Share Code - 121 243 016

Hi everyone - Buddy Munter here - I’m a mature (old geezer) Forza Horizon enthusiast, I’m fairly rubbish at the actual racing but I got into the Forza livery designer/paints editor as an escape from ill health, over the years I’ve really enjoyed entering the competitions but unfortunately my recent health issues has forced a lengthy break from anything to do with fun and relaxation. However, it was the very sad news in January this year that the remarkable Ken Block had tragically passed away following an accident that prompted me to try again. I wanted to try my hand at creating something that celebrated the awesome legacy of Ken Block but also make a design that you guys might want on your FH5 Hoonigan cars - so thats the inspiration.

Any of you that have come across my liveries before, might recall that I’m not an artist like so many of you incredibly skilled people out there in “Forza-World”, but I can do nice, neat and accurate replicas of logos and famous liveries. I “make” almost everything - including (almost) all the logos on my designs - for example - the Ford logos and all the Hoonigan stuff on the two entries I offer for your consideration for LivRev055. The hexagonal shapes I use in these two designs are individually placed with each one having a different colour outline and inner colour - the same goes for the stars - it’s nothing fancy, but I hope you like it. Anyway, thanks for taking a look and if I’m lucky enough to win a prize perhaps you might look up my gamertag and see if you like any of my other designs. Take care and good luck.


Gamertag - Buddy Munter

Car - 1994 Hoonigan Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Livery Design Name - Hooni-Coz 1 (Livery Competition - LiveRev0055.)

Share Code - 137 539 091

Hi everyone - Buddy Munter here - here is my second entry for your consideration in the LivRev0055 competition. Inspired by the tragically passed and much admired - Ken Block and his Hoonigan videos. This livery is also based on an individually placed hexagon texture, less outrageous colours but still quite wild I hope you like it. As above with my Hooni-Pinkus design I have “made” all of my own logos etc.

Anyway, thanks again for checking out my ideas and once again, if anyone would like to see some of my other designs and replica racing liveries perhaps you might look up my gamertag in game.



GT : noZnoDlol 233
Car : 2019 Porsche GT3RS 991.2
File name : GSR Miku 2023
SC:267 672 184



GT: Andrew9565

SC: 123 106 280

Idea: first of all I’m really thankful you kept the 964 conversion parts on the 930 and I wanted to finally try a martini livery out since they’re very characteristic to Porsche.



GT: Andrew9565

SC: 101 861 793

Idea: after the martini livery I started loving the 964 generation a lot so I made another livery with a convertible look (by using semi-matte vinyl material)



GT: Andrew9565

SC: 214 886 438

Idea: I was watching some rally videos last year and saw something that caught my eye. An esso rally Porsche. I really liked it and finally gave it a go on the Carrera RS with the rally mods


GT: Sprizouse78
SC: 131 513 648
2000 Nissan Silvia Spec-R


Name : chupa
Gt: TA2KlNG (i=small L)

Sharecode: 131 574 796
Car:2017 #34 Andretti Beetle.


Hi everyone,

KOTZ #2 Taurus livery (7/12🥵) is now available.

Car : 2008 Lamborghini Reventón
Sharecode : 141 205 700
Gamertag : Da Wouiche

Next house to enter is Cancer.
Aries and Scorpio reboots are on their way.

Have fun.

Peace !!!


Another from the Hoonigan stable from me. :smiley:

Car - Brand new to game - 2016 Hoonigan Gymkhana 9 Ford Focus RS RX
Gamertag - WhatYouTrynaSay
Sharecode - 839 208 675



Lovely design but can you make a copy without the green logo?

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Thank you!
Shared at 144 635 823. :blush:



Congratulations to the winners of Week 055! Please DM me with your prize car choice and confirm whether or not you’d like to see your work featured on our channels such as and We’ll also highlight winners in our next Forza Monthly livestream. These designs will be featured in game through the third week of September.

Players can download these to use on your own car by heading to a Home or Festival Site Garage > Designs menu, then select Find New Designs, then search using the share code. On the search results screen you can choose to Favorite Design and also select Creator Info to see their Creative Hub and give the artist a follow.

131 574 796 :star: TA2KlNG :star: VW #34 Beetle :star: “Chupa” :star:


131 513 648 :star: Sprizouse78 :star: Nissan Silvia '00 :star: “Rain-X Silvia” :star:


267 672 184 :star: noZnoDlol_233 :star: Porsche GT3 RS '19 :star: “GSR Miku 2023” :star:


121 243 016 :star: Buddy Munter : star: Hoonigan Escort Cosworth Group A :star: “Hooni-pinkus 1” :star:


447 298 742 :star: Zutessu :star: Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II :star: “Ayanami Rei” :star:




Congratulations everyone


Great job everyone!!!


Great work! That chuppa chups fits so good with that bubbly car :heart_eyes: :smile:

Welcome back @Buddy_Munter great livery!


Thank you for your good wishes - I’m very grateful - Kind regards - Buddy Munter


Congratulations all! I know this has been said before by others, but there really are so many deserving winners each week, that sometimes it just has to be a dart throw for the judges. There’s so much talent in the Forza paint community, and I’m just happy to be a part of it.


ggs everyone, nice work