Official FH5 Livery submissions - Week 096 - special Winter format

Welcome to a special official Forza Horizon 5 Livery Event! This event is open to all players.

Special Theme & Format: During this period we’re looking for designs highlighting the Winter season, but all design themes will be eligible. ‘Week 096’ will be extended through the end of December.

All participants who submit a photo of their design in this thread will receive a car + vanity item (character clothing, emotes, ForzaLink phrases, car horns) and all participants will have one of their submissions featured in game for the next six months.


Use the Apply Vinyls & Decals menu in Forza Horizon 5 to create and Share a design in-game and post at least one photo of the design in this thread. Any previous or new design is eligible as long as it’s posted in this thread and searchable in game. You can add the keyword LivRev096 to the Description field to help others find your photos in game, which can work toward unlocking Accolades. Limit submissions to a maximum of 3 designs.

You must include your gamertag and the Share Code of each design (found in the Creative Hub > Photo Gallery or My Creative Hub menu). Indicate which design you’d like to have featured.


  • For this period winners from Week 095 are eligible and anyone who posts in this period will also be eligible for our next regular format Week 097 in January.
  • You may not submit entries with multiple gamertag accounts.
  • All submissions and comments must adhere to the Forza Code of Conduct - Note: We have a stricter standard for appropriateness on content to be featured on Forza channels; we cannot declare winning entries that include alcohol/tobacco brands or names, license plates with lettering that can be perceived as inappropriate, or entries from inappropriate gamertags, regardless of in-game enforcement status.
  • Designs created with any automated import tool will disqualify the user from prizes.


  • One of your submitted designs will be Featured in game through June 2024. If you do not indicate which design you would like to be featured, the Forza Community Team staff will choose one from your submissions.
  • One reward pair per user, regardless of how many designs you submit. You may request any non-DLC car or vanity item for this period, including the Corvette E-Ray.
  • Participants are required to DM me (T10ManteoMax) with their prize choice.
  • Your posted photos may be shown during official Forza livestreams and potentially on other official Forza social channels.
Gamertag: aeqnx Livery name: Xbox Sweater 2
Car: 2014 Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 Car: 2013 Cadillac XTS Limousine
Sharecode: 170 816 961 Sharecode: 499 837 236

I don’t have a feature preference.



GT: RamZ128

Car: 2018 Land Rover Range Rover Velar First Edition

Livery Name: Jingle Bells

SC: 521 284 724

I’ve always correlated the winter holidays with Flannel. Different colors and patterns have always felt festive to me. Which is why I chose a flannel pattern for this design. And the Range Rover has the right body lines that complement this pattern perfectly. I hope you enjoy it.


Nice work on those bells

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Thank you


2019 McLaren 720s Spider - “Icy Spider”
GT: EaglezRock
SC: 154 249 266
It’s not holiday themed, but the icy blue fits perfectly with the stadium’s winter theme.


That was my first try at creating a 3D object in the game

Gamer tag: marklew001
SC: 170 897 641
Car: Morgan Aero


Good idea. That looks great

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Thanks bro, when i saw the morgan i wonder that´s the perfect car for santa with classic lines and enough room for presents.
The bells that you created and the shading are amazing, great livery! Happy Holidays!

Thanks man. Happy holidays to you as well!

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Gt : old clyde
Sc: 146 500 057
Had lotta random ideas goin on with this one n while strange kinda looked cool


Gt: old clyde
Sc: 127 190 815

Had to bring this one out posted it a week early would seem but its very fitting and woul prefer it to be featured there more pics in week 095 n will take more if need be



Gt: MsKraven

Car: Ford Supervan 3

Title: Let It Snow

Sc: 648451614

This idea came from my head… Ha ha… Actually, I had the song in my head… That’s what inspired it…

For the rest of the month, I plan on using all the designs from this thread on my cars.


1963 Volkswagen Type 2 De Luxe
216 243 960


Car model : Nissan2003 Fairlady Z
Livery name : KOTZ#11 Aquarius
Sharecode : 260 570 930
Gamertag : Da Wouiche

Floating as mist/clouds, running fast, falling as snow or freezing as rock solid ice : the three states of water in winter, under Aquarius constellation and aurora borealis.


GT: Archduke 67

Car: Toyota GR86 2022

File Name: Mushi Mashup 2

SC: 173 492 718