Official Competition: Weekly Photo Review (weeks 1-8)

Perusing for pretty pics?
Searching for sweet snaps?
Foraging for phenomenal photos?

BrokenVegetable, JacNorwood, PTG Stuzib85 and Yaachts are here to help!

The Photo Review will spoil your eyes with some of the most beautiful Forzatography from around the community! And bonus for Forzatographers, each week the 5 winning photos will be featured in the game.

Each Monday at 9am Pacific (5pm UK time) winners will be announced on or you can find them in the weekly update on this thread.

Also, if you like paints on cars why not check out the Weekly Livery Review here

Got a photo you’d like to submit? Add it to the thread but please check below for:
- The Spirit of the Competition
- Rules
- Submission Guidelines
- Judging Process
- Prizing Details
Have fun!

The Spirit of the Competition
As with the Forza Enforcement Guidlines the mission statement of this competition is to make a safe, secure, inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone. Please take it to heart and remember it whenever you are interacting with the competition.


  1. The same winner will not be considered in the week following their win.
  2. You cannot re-enter photos that have previously won.
  • Edited photos are allowed, with two caveats:
  1. A source photo for your edited photo must be shared in-game (keep in mind that the feature prize will be applied to this source photo).
  2. At minimum 2 of the 5 winners from each week will be an unedited photo.
  • While you can submit a friend’s work for consideration, you may not submit someone else’s work as your own.
    Submission Guidelines
    Submissions that do a better job of folloing the submission guidelines will have a better chance of being chosen, so please read carefully. We encourage all entries to follow in-game guidelines and also can either submit via the Forums or Twitter.
  1. In-Game Submission Guidelines (for all entries):
  • Make sure your photo or source photo is shared in game
  • Include the weekly code in the Photos description, this takes the form “PhoRev001” (the number being updated to correspond to the week you are submitting on)
  1. Submitting via the Forum:
    Reply to this thread with:
  1. Submitting via Twitter:
    Post the photo(s) on twitter, include in the tweet:
  • Gamertag of the Forzatographer
  • In-game Share Code of the photo(s) or source photo(s) in the case of edited photos
  • The weekly code as a hashtag, this takes the form “#PhoRev001” (the number being updated to correspond to the week you are submitting on)
    Judging process:
  1. Submissions close each week at the end of the day on Wednesday (Seattle time) from there a short list of entries is selected which is sent to the judging panel. Judging is conducted ‘blind’, meaning the judges do not know who the work is by.
  2. After one week, so on the following Thursday, the scores are returned from the judges and winners are announced on stream and in the forums the following Saturday.
  • The weekly submission window runs from Thursday to Thursday, so there is always a window open. But we recommend that you submit from Mon-Weds otherwise you run the risk of having to wait up to 3 weeks from the time that you might submit a work to the competition to the time you will know if it won.

Prizing Details

  • Photos are featured in game for 1 week.
  • Winners are gifted a car of their choice, not including DLC or not publicly available content. Winners are required to message with their choice.
  • Use in official Forza Streams and potentially in other social channels

Photo Review Week #1 (06/12/2021)

Want to suggest a Photo for the Photo Review? Don’t forget to read the first post in this thread and feel free to post photos/edits below (and include in game sharecodes)!

Forzatographer: Flippin Korean

Share Code: 104 653 266
Gallery Link:
Livery Credit: VarjoDesigns (133 243 546)
Check out the behind the scenes shots Yi also released

Forzatographer: ItsDaveRos

Share Code: 118 721 764
Gallery Link:

Forzatographer: EXR Merg

Gallery Link:
As Merg didn’t have this saved as an in-game shot this photo couldn’t be featured in game, but it’s featured in all our hearts.

Forzatographer: BrokenVegetable

Share Code: 173 906 515
Gallery Link:
Livery Credit: Duff 790 (161 179 846)

Forzatographer: TXRZero9355

Share Code: 615 129 354
Gallery Link:


Hi Alie and BrokenV. Dont sure how that Photocomp works exactly but if want to choose something please check my in-game gallery under my GT “W89 PL”.
There is not many photos yet but maybe some of them are worth to sahre in game top :wink:

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Hello, here are my photos for the contest :

Share code : 150868667

Share code : 120824660

Share code : 164110247

Share code : 238863421

Share code : 135520464


I’ll throw a couple up for contention

897 381 102

871 876 740

123 385 811

159 782 568

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Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Share Code: 633 805 823

Share Code: 915 241 070

Share Code: 699 772 615

Share Code: 982 923 915

Share Code: 915 893 142


Tried to create a dramatic shot with the Super 7 Editor with the Raesr Tachyon Speed. This is what I was able to come up with.

In-Game Share Code: 299 597 825

Instagram Edited Version:

IG Link: @DragonPandaII


Share Code: 155 456 537
Gallery Link:
Livery Credit: Zero Dark Gamer (734 905 606)


Share Code: 809 875 120
Livery by Varjo Designs
Livery Code: 101 544 400

Share Code: 368 020 776
Livery by Flippin Korean
Livery Code: 724 065 827

Share Code: 151 808 683
Livery by Flippin Korean
Livery Code: 279 859 451

Gallery Link: or

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Share Code: 526 685 741
Livery By Killer666Qc
Livery Code: 384 003 630

Share Code: 820 896 068

Share Code: 769 080 909


Agent D shared 3 photos with you from the Flickr app. Check it out:

[Edit - see the pinned instructions on how to get pics to display on the forums - MM]

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![“Nos Powered”]( ““Nos Powered””)
Share Code: 678 873 396

Share Code: 580 022 006


Week #2 Photo Review (14/12/2021)

This is just the 2nd week of the Photo Review but it’s already the last round before our holiday break… I wanted to thank Forzatography Central (FTC) who helped with the judging this week, you can check out everything they’re up to here including their #FTCAdvent competition in the run towards Christmas.

Changing topic slightly, it has been awesome that this small contest received so much excitement so early on and we wanted to honour that by making sure that things are a little more organised when we return in the new year. I also wanted to thank the community for all the questions and suggestions I’ve received, and with that in mind and in the spirit of open discussion I wanted to introduce some of our leading ideas for new/different rules and see what you all think:

Feel free to respond with your thoughts or additions, but keep in mind that despite our best efforts we may not be able to incorporate them all.

As always you can look back at the stream VoD at Twitch and feel free to submit paints for next time in the thread!

Happy holidays everyone!

- Honorable mention for ForzaFourFotos, which I couldn’t find in game but made this amazing set
- SkySpeed872 your post was received too late to be considered in this round but will be after the holidays!


Gamertag: NonoZeRobo59

Sharecode: 238 863 421
Livery Credit: DTS JGoodman (Share Code: 226 281 031)

Gamertag: PTG MFU82

Sharecode: 155 702 302

Gamertag: Exit0rbit

Sharecode: 897 381 102

Gamertag: HeizungAuf06

Sharecode: 699 772 615

Gamertag: DragonPanda II

Sharecode: 299 597 825


Thanks for the pick!

In regards to rules, the only thing I would change is making it at least 2 unedited shots out of the 5. There’s something to be said for getting the most out of the game settings vs post processing. Both have their place of course, there’s some fantastic edits in this thread alone that are just impossible with in game settings and deserve recognition, I just think it should be a little more even than a 4:1 minimum ratio.


146 660 132


Here are my entries. Hopefully something that is a little unique :slight_smile:

Buggy drone style shots:

Share Code: 439 384 621

Share Code: 879 820 990

Share Code: 965 249 400


Good luck everyone!

Happy New (Gregorian) Year!

We’re starting up the engine for the Photo Review in 2022 and officially opening submissions (although all photos submitted over the break will also be considered)! Although there are no winners to announce today this is a chance to talk about changes to the weekly competition in 2022. Here’s the news!

New faces
I (Yaachts) am really excited to announce that from here on I’ll be joined by BrokenVegetable and PTG Stuzib85 in organising both the weekly Livery Review and the Photo Review. Both are hugely well known figures in Forza’s creative community and do awesome work at Turn 10 so I feel very lucky. We have big plans for both of these competitions, so stay tuned.

Great Chat
Although there wasn’t a huge discussion here (Exit0rbit representing!) the Livery Review thread saw a hearty discussion over the break into how best to put these weekly competitions together. The topic of rule changes is never closed, so please do let us know if thoughts come to mind.

Spirit of the Competition
Alongside the new rules we have added a Spirit of the Competition section. This is really important to us, in fact I’m including it as a quote at the bottom of this message. Please read it.

Rules and Details
The original post in this thread has been updated with new rules and details. For the sake of brevity these are not copied into this message but I strongly recommend that everyone check there to get a picture of changes to the competition.

The three of us are really excited to get the ball rolling, next Thursday we will be sending the first shortlist out for judging and the first winners of 2022 will be announced on Saturday the 22nd Jan!

BrokenVegetable, PTG Stuzib85 and Yaachts