Official Competition: Weekly Photo Review (weeks 1-8)

Hi everyone on #Forzatography here is mine hope it wins

Hope this hits top IV got more

Here is my popular Honda Civic Type R 2018
@Johniwanna showed it on one time on streaming FH4

My social feel free to message me tell me who you are I’ll try to add back don’t accept fakes or not much info or even spam thank you

This is my Motorsports design for my Honda Civic Type R 2018 but got it on FH5 thank you

This my second pic of that

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Joining for Week 3(?)

Gamertag: Jimmy Nyman
Editing: In-Game Photo mode only.
Full Gallery

“Submission 1 : Sugar Stripes”
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“Submission 2 : Prime Confidence”
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“Submission 3 : Clever Girl”
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“When you take the wrong root and everything goes sideways”


Niki Lauda design available
Ferrari FXX-K Evo
GT DOR Ducky
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Week #1 2022 Photo Review
(For photos submitted up to 13th Jan)

The Photo Review returns! Thanks for being patient while we got our new judging system up and running, from here on out you can check in every week for new winners. Also a big thank you to our awesome judges from Turn10 and Playground Games!

As before all winners will be featured in game for two weeks and as an extra prize all winners in 2022 (including today’s) will be gifted a car of their choice
Winners, please check the rules for conditions and send me a message with your choice!

I’ll be showing off this amazing gallery on stream on Monday, so come and say hi at from 9am Seattle.

News and notes:

  • We are removing the limit on the number of submissions per person per week.
  • Submissions for next week should include in their description the code PR003.
  • Winners are welcome to PM me to update gallery and social media links on this message.
  • Prizing, as mentioned above, all winners will be gifted one car of their choice (provided the car is available in the core FH5 game).

Until next week!

Luke (BrokenVegetable), Jacob (JacNorwood), Stuart (PTG Stuzib85) and Alie (Yaachts)

Congratulations to the Winners:

Gamertag: Profteddington
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Gamertag: EpicSeen
Sharecode: 416 216 957

Gamertag: Squanchito
Sharecode: 596 410 007

Gamertag: RedRockVP
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Gamertag: Wolfie Darling
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Entries for Phorev003

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Here’s my entry:
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“Hyperbole Vocho”
Gamertag: Kerles
Sharecode: 558 920 207
(Made using a custom Super7; no post-editing)

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*Edited externally

Gamertag: PTG Yi

Sharecode: 148 482 270

Sharecode: 112 351 220
Livery By: Don Joewong Song

Sharecode: 393 860 894


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