Odometers off for cars?

As far as I can tell odometers for cars are very far off vs the miles driven by the player.
From what I can tell, new cars purchased by me start with 0 miles driven, however it seems all the new cars I have bought have odometer readings far higher than they could possibly be,
A couple examples, I bought a 2004 WRX and the car history lists now it as almost 4,000 miles while my personal miles read less than 800 miles.
I bought the WRX brand new, not from the auction house.
Tonight I bought a 1993 Mustang that I’m sure started at 0 miles but after a short time driving the car the history reads over 200 miles driven.

I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed a discrepancy vs the miles driven by the player and miles logged on the car’s history.

Me too. FH2 had this same bug, though, so this isn’t the first Horizon game with this problem. Time driven is off as well (not sure if you noticed that or not).

It’s based on the map, not actual time or distance. For example, if you drive from Surfer’s Paradise to Byron Bay it’ll add a few hundred miles and a few hours even though you actually drove like 7 miles.

Same as Euro Truck Simulator

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Oh, okay. I still would prefer actual time/distance, though.

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Yep same here. Was wondering when i 1st checked my Subaru. I have around 2200 miles in total now and the Subaru is over 10k miles :smiley:

Hah yeah same, I have one car that read over 20,000 km and I had just bought it I thought!

I’d certainly prefer “real” mileage.

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