October 6th update won't finish and is stuck

I started the new update today and once it reached 62%, it will now say 62% for a few minutes, then say queued for a while (even though it is the only thing downloading), and then go back to 62%. It has been like this for hours. I’ve contacted Xbox support several times and none of their attempts to fix it worked. I usually google my technical problems to find a fix but I seem to be the only one having this issue. Other games download fine.

I have the same problem, only mine’s stuck at 12% and refuses to download any further.

i had a similar issue. after 2 days I contacted my internet dealer(after talking to xbox support several times) my internet dealer fixed the problem. it was an safety issue that didn’t allow the xbox to download the content completely. mine was stuck at 98%. but all is fine now! :slight_smile: maybe try to contact your internet dealer?

I can’t do that as I’m on a university network.

maybe try hard resetting your console…fixes most issues for me

snowowl instructions here http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postsm379339_Forza-6-dlc-not-available.aspx#post_379339

I uninstalled Forza 6 completely and then re-installed it. That fixed the problem.

I have tried this along with a hard reset. Now the entire game download is stuck at 20%

The uninstall and reinstalled should not be necessary. A system hard restart (linked here: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postsm388039_October-6th-update-won-t-finish-and-is-stuck.aspx#post_388039 in a previous post) should do the trick.

When you’re doing downloads, do not interrupt the process. Do not do anything else on the console because other game play will “pause” the download in favor of “live” activities. And wait for the download to finish completely, even though it says “Ready to play.”

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I’m going to try this and wait it out. Maybe after a day or two it will work itself out. It’s the only thing I haven’t tried so far.