noticed all pre order cars are ingame

all the pre order cars are in game and you can buy them and you dont need to pre order to get them at all so is there some livery that comes with the pre order cars or does the code just make em free for 1 purcashe ?

The preorder cars were confirmed to be the same as the ones you buy in game and are not tuned or painted. You are just getting them for free.

I think the preorder cars have some kind of modifications added to them to make them different.

OT but is it possible to buy any of the VIP or All-stars cars in game as individual purchases? Or are they only available as part of deluxe/ultimate or DLC packs?

if you buy the dlc for them yes but they where part of the deluxe and ultimate edition but dont think you can buy any dlc from the xbox store atm

The DLC packs are available to buy on the xbox store online e.g. VIP pass is £16.74 (GBP). But that’s more than just buying the deluxe pack (£15 extra compared to standard).

I was wondering if there’s one car that I wanted to buy from the VIP set is it possible to buy it? If not then I may as well swap to the deluxe and get the extra stuff that comes with that.

btw i just snaped a picture ingame of the mercedes and it is called mercedes-AMG C 63 s Coupe Preorder car and the normal is just called the normal name without preorder car :stuck_out_tongue: so all in all it is a uniqe car just the same car just that it says pre order car after xD